Our Customers

“I had been considering using IP for some time. After ecoCOMMUNICATIONS explained the benefits I was convinced. There is no difference in voice quality. I have two extra lines with no added expense. My unanswered calls are transferred to my IP line. If they are not picked up the newly installed phone system transfers it to my email as a message. It’s wonderful. It has added an extra dimension to my businesses and I am paying substantially less every month.”
Jo-Anne Evans, JE H.R. Solutions


  “At Alex Surf Club we recently moved all our business from a Commander System over to ecoCOMMUNICATIONS at the recommendation of the DBSN Group. We are so happy to have all our telecommunications under one provider, no more do we have to ring multiple offices at Telstra to come up empty handed. One call to the ecoCOMMUNICATIONS office and the problem is solved, not to mention the new system saves us money to boot. Cheers Cathy & Paul and the master tech David. Thank you.”
Doug Wakefield, Alex Surf Club


  “Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at ecoCOMMUNICATIONS who helped us last night with some problems we were having with recorded messages.

Nicole, David and Paul did everything they could to make sure we were all fully functional for the night. We didn’t get it sorted until around 7pm so everyone was putting in their own time to help us through and I want you to know that we really appreciate their hard work and patience. You made us feel like we were very important customers with site visits, after hours phone attention and conference calls to a technician that had gone home for the day! My technical skills are not great but everything was explained in layman’s terms and it was made easy for us to understand. Everyone seemed so happy to help us – it was amazing!”

Keri Brooker, Amber Werchon

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